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Handrail Cleaning

SKG recommends the “SKG handrail cleaner” for cleaning and maintenance of handrails. Developed specially for SKG handrails, the cleaner removes dirt, grime, oil, and other soils while also polishing the protective wax finish.

a)   Apply cleaner to a dry cotton cloth or spray directly onto the handrail. Wipe across the handrail surface, paying special attention to handrail underside. Remove the excess cleaner from the handrail and let it dry.

b)   For handrails that need additional cleaning, use a nonabrasive nylon plastic scouring pad soaked with SKG Handrail Cleaner. Warning: aggressive scouring may damage the handrail surface.

c)   Run the handrail around the escalator until entire handrail has been cleaned.

If SKG Handrail Cleaner is not available, we suggest solvent naphtha 120, ethyl alcohol (95% alcohol, commonly known as rubbing alcohol), or household neutral cleaner (diluted) as substitutes.

Warning: Do not use abrasive cleaners, alkaline, acid, or ammoniac agents because they will damage the handrail surface material. Do not use wax or other lubricants to improve the sliding ability of the handrail. If the lubricants come into contact with the drive sheave, the handrail will slip.